What Is The Paleolithic Diet?

paleolithic dietThe Paleolithic Diet is a very healthy diet that focuses on eating natural foods. By eliminating consumption of processed foods, your energy and health will be sky high. This diet is focused on eating the same foods our prehistoric ancestors evolved with. They were strong and healthy, and thrived on natural foods that were high in fats and proteins, and little carbohydrates. This is type of nutrition our bodies were intended to have.

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The Paleolithic Diet is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to lose weight or live life with top notch health.  

This diet is healthy because it eliminates “unhealthy” foods and focuses on eating naturally occurring foods. The same stuff that our prehistoric ancestors hunted and gathered. If you are new to this diet, what constitutes as “unhealthy” may surprise you!

caveman dietYou see, about 10 000 years ago, us humans did something that forever changed the way we eat. We started the agricultural revolution. We developed ways to mass produce foods with machinery and other similar methods. Long gone are the days of hunting animals and gathering nuts and seeds. 

Well, with the agricultural revolution we became very good at feeding more mouths and reducing starvation. What’s the problem? The problem is, the foods we began to mass produces were typically rich in carbohydrates. We’re talking about wheats, grains, sugars, and dairy. Some popular foods we can make from these ingredients are pasta, pizza, cereal, rice, pastries, candy, and ice cream. While these foods taste very good, they are unfortunately the leading cause of diseases all over the world. 

paleo dietOur bodies are not genetically well-adapted to these foods. It is strongly believed that these types of foods are the leading cause of diseases we see today that we never saw before. Diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, alzheimer’s, auto-imune disease, and much more. And lets not forget, the big one, OBESITY.

Through the last few millions of years, our bodies have naturally evolved eating animals, fruits and vegetables. We were really strong and lived well. Has there ever been a recorded case of a fat caveman? I doubt it. 

So this diet is all about getting away from eating that “man-made” carbohydrate rich food, and getting back to the way we used to eat, the right way. You can expect many many health benefits from choosing the paleolithic diet. Think of being extremely healthy and vibrant. Alive and strong. Your immune system will be the strongest it has ever been, and you will fight off many diseases naturally, and likely live a lot longer. So have a look around this website and I wish you success on your journey to a healthier lifestyle!

The Paleo Recipe Book

Top Paleo Diet Tips

1. Eat lots of animal protein: Meats, poultry, eggs, pork, animal organs, fish and shellfish.

2. Eat Vegetables: Eat all varieties, cooked or raw.

3. Limit fruits for weight loss: If your goal is to lose weight, limit or don't eat fruit until ideal weight is achieved.

4. Limit carbohydrates: The lower your carbohydrate intake, the quicker the weight loss.

5. Eat whenever you are hungry: Eat until satisfied, never over.

6. Fats are good: Don't fear them, they provide your body energy.

7. The right cookbook goes a very long way: Click Here! for my recommendation.